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Working within government, after previously viewing it from the outside, has been an eye opening experience and one that I that I will try to help more people understand. Working for government tends to be a misunderstood and can I be as bold to say un-appreciated job? There are many people within government who work very hard to improve the lives of citizens. While government service is not perfect, there are individuals who give 110% daily in the hope that their efforts will uplift the life of another.


Many citizens find it hard to distinguish between political parties and government administrations. I’ve heard it said that government “has let us down” or “they don’t do anything for us”. I’d like for us to become more proactive, and therefore would like to respond with “What have you done to help government?”
Yes, government does need your help, as at the end of the day the people writing and implementing our laws are human just like you and I. Government is about a mutual partnership and is what our democracy has been built on. This section of the website is divided into the two sections below.

Understand what government is and how it works. A basic introduction into government structures and the role it should play. Understanding government is the first step in making it better

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This is the area that I am currently working in. Read about the advancement in Western Cape Government’s e-Government plan, as well as the global e-Government  momentum. I’ll highlight our progress as we work to improve the Western Cape Government’s online presence, as well as talk about the challenges we face along this pioneering journey

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