Most days I love my car.

Most days I love my car.
The flash of the traction control light as I give too much power around a bend. That beckoning smile she gives me when I walk towards her. The eager gear changes encouraged by the cool crisp air in the early morning.

Some days I hate my car.
Because it hypnotizes me toward materialistic goals. Faster, Shinier… New.  Knowing that my payment installment is more than the salary of a single mother putting her children through school somewhere close by. Because it’s a symbol of the perverse greed that exists in our society, where so many are ruthless and selfish in their pursuit of money.

It’s just a car.
This finely engineered machine reminds me that it’s a tool. One that I can use for self gain or one that I can use to improve the lives of others. We all have that choice. We all have the choice to decide how we share the blessings bestowed on us.
May you be blessed and in turn bless others.

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