From the ashes a flaming bird is reborn.

2013 has kicked off with such an amazing pace that I have found myself not prioritizing these blog posts (Saying that I don’t have time is a lie. I do, but prefer to spend it with my little family )

I’ve recently read quite a bit of the “Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle and “The greatest salesman in the world” by Og Mandino. These books have really motivated me over these tough few months.

Sumia and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week. I was once more reminded of the calibre of woman I have married and how eternally blessed I am. 

It’s wednesday the 26th March 2013 and I’m patient awaiting a phone call that will change everything. I’ll tell you about it in a week from now.
Ciao, for now

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