The day 170 Gentlemen changed my life

Chrysalis academy aslam levy talk

There are defining moments in your life. Moments that changes the course of your life. Saturday was one such day. The talk I gave was at Chrysalis Academy which is based in Tokai, Cape Town. The academy is a Youth upliftment institute that for some is a final chance before a prison sentence. It is a programme takes place over a 3 month period and has a definite military foundation as participants are up at 4:30am and have an intense regime. As part of a series of Health and Wellness talks, I was asked to speak about Men’s grooming and how by dressing well you are able to put your best foot forward and feel good about yourself.

By now you must wonder why I’m doing inspirational talks? Well I too was inspired, by none other than my wife Sumia “Sue” Levy, who about a year ago started writing and giving inspirational talks. The majority of my presentation focused on how your past and current circumstances do not dictate your future. For many on these men, they have committed to bringing about change in their lives. Because as the name of the institute implies, they are butterflies about to emerge from the transformative  “Chrysalis”.

I finished off the presentation by playing Beyonce’s video entitled “I was here”, and I asked the men in the room about the legacy they will leave behind and what they will do to make their mark. I urge everyone to watch the Beyonce clip below



After the presentation I was asked a few questions. The final question was about what would happen when they returned to their communities and how they should handle the people who still speak badly of them and pull them down. Especially after they have completed a 3 month programme to improve.

I paused, and then replied “Kill them with Success, and bury them with a smile!”. The crowd leapt to their feet and started applauding. I felt the hairs on my arms raise, and a sense of fulfillment like never before.

I thanked them for their time and the opportunity to speak to them and walked off stage to the chants of “Thank you Sir!!”, “Thank you Sir!!”

My life is forever changed by 170 Gents and 1 very special lady

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  1. As your wife I am so proud. Seeing how those young men starting applauding and agreeing with you was just a moment I will always remember.

    I look forward to changing the Inspiring and changing the minds of our Youth, One talk at a time.

    I love you and thank you for the Special mention in the post *blush* 🙂

    I’m honoured to be your Life Partner

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