Western Cape Government Mobile Website Traffic Growth Trajectory

Last week the team at e-Government for citizens held a meeting looking into the viablity of a smartphone/tablet application. For that meeting I plotted a quick chart showing the trajectory of mobile traffic to the Western cape Government website, if the growth rate remains the same. I used existing data from our Google Analytics and added the projection through to 2014. The value used was the number of Mobile and non-mobile traffic in the last week of july.

There are a number of things that we could see play out over the next two years that might slow the growth:
– Smartphone/internet capable device saturation (unlikely)
– Economic recession leading to depression (More likely)
– Increase in Desktop users (most unlikely)

Take a look at the graph below, and let me know if you think that we’ll see 60% of our traffic coming from mobile.

Western Cape Government Mobile traffic growth chart 500

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