Top 200 Young South Africans 2014

Most days I love my car.

Most days I love my car. The flash of the traction control light as I give too much power around a bend. That beckoning smile she gives me when I walk towards her. The eager gear changes encouraged by the cool crisp air in the early morning. Some days I hate my car.Because it hypnotizes me toward materialistic goals. Faster, Shinier... New.  Knowing that my payment installment is more than the salary of a single mother putting her children through school somewhere close by. Because it's a symbol of the perverse greed that exists in our society, where so many are ruthless and selfish in their pursuit of money.It's just a car.This finely engineered machine reminds me that it's a tool. One
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What is the white shirt people want to see?

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Adeyemi Babington-Ashaye and Chidiogo Akunyili from the World Economic Forum HQ to Tshwane as part of their regional tour. During our working lunch Yemi told a story that has really got me thinking about things in a slightly different way.The story is set in Nigeria when Yemi was still a very young boy. Every morning his family would get dressed to leave home together for work and school. Most mornings Yemi would be dressed quicker than the rest and then he would then check up on everyone else to see how far they were. As he peeked into his mothers bedroom she would turn to look at him and then shout “Come on everybody, Yemi is ready!” But there
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“In time, we shall be in a position to bestow on South Africa the greatest possible gift - a more human face.”
- Stephen Bantu Biko

Meeting Ahmed Kathrada

inspirational Women International

One Young World

Social media aggregation in Government

Very often in larger organisations, the content and services live within internal departments and business units. However when social media accounts are created, they are not created by service. They are created as the parent brand.

The internal departments however also at times want to have social media presences, and in some cases should. A good strategy in this scenario is to aggregate content published by the internal units by the parent account.

My strategy for the South African government social media presence will begin in a similar way. I’ll provide updates as we progress.

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The 7th annual Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) Forum

The CPSI annual Forum took place on the 21st-22nd August in Johannesburg, Gauteng this year. The biggest take away for me was that innovation does exist in the Public sector, but we are do not promote and create greater awareness around it. My keynote on thursday introduced Social media as a potential technology that should be utilised to better market Public Sector innovation. After a few good conversations at the CPSI Forum, I will be placing higher emphasise on the following Programmes:1. Open Government Data - The OGP initiative has been subscribed to by the South African Government but requires implementation - There will be challenges in this area should the Protection of State Information
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Social Media etiquette on Shift SABC 1

On Tuesday the 2nd July I will be on the Shift talk show addressing the topic: Social media etiquette, the Do’s and Dont’s

For more information on this show see their facebook page below: